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Shredded Paper in Waste Basket

Secure Shredding Service - Scottish Borders

We are a new business covering the Scottish Borders.

We have the following licence/certificates issued by SEPA :-

  • Waste Carriers Licence:WCR/R/1166436

  • Shredding, Sorting & Baling Exemption No:WML/XS/1166696

  • Storage in Secure Place Exemption No:WML/XS/1166697

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Why Should You Shred?

The security of information is taken very seriously. If your business handles any personal information and you fail to comply with the Data Protection Laws you could be fined anywhere up to £500,000.

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Why Use Secure Shredding Service Scottish Borders?

  • We take the risk of disposing of this confidential information away from yourself. 

  • To protect your staff.

  • To protect your customers and their data.

  • To protect your own business and it’s reputation.

  • We are based in the Borders and therefore convenient for your business.

  • Your staff can concentrate on their job and not on the shredding of confidential information.

  • You do not have to purchase machinery which require maintaining and having to dispose of material after shredding.

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Secure Shredding - The Process

  1. Secure Shredding - Scottish Borders will provide you with secure wheeled bins to store your pre-shredding confidential paperwork on your premises. 

  2. Bin size :-120 Ltr is the equivalent to 3-4 archive boxes and when full weighs approx 50kg. 

  3. The lids on the bins are locked and documents are fed through a letter box lid.

  4. We can arrange a fortnightly or monthly collection to replace your bin with an empty container and you will be issued with a


  5. The sealed bins are transported to our secured alarmed premises. On arrival we will use our state of the art machine to shred and air blend. 

  6. It is then baled and bales are transported to a centre for 100% recycling. None goes to land filled sites. 

  7. Within 48 hours of collection of bins from your premises we will supply you with a


    . This also confirms the weight of the contents of the collected bins.

  8. Document shredding is priced at £s per Kg with material being weighed when it arrives at our premises. You only pay for the amount we have shredded unlike most sack systems where you pay per sack irrespective of how full the sack is. 

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Secure Shredding - Public Drop Off

Secure Shredding - Scottish Borders also offer a public drop of service of smaller amounts for confidential destruction. This allows you to dispose of any confidential material such as bank cards, credit card statements, cheque book stubs, utility bills or any other confidential information that you would not send for public recycling. Our secure shredding process is insured, staff are vetted to BS 7858 standard and premises are covered by CCTV.

All items will be weighed and shredded within 24 hours and you will be given a CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION.

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Secure Shredding - Scottish Borders
Price List


50p Per KG

We supply 120ltr bins which have lockable lids and letterbox slots for secure posting. These hold approx 50KG and are provided Free of Charge

You only pay for the weight of the contents.

(prices not inc VAT)


50p Per KG

(price not inc VAT)


50p Per KG

Plus a collection charge.

Please contact us for more information on collection charges.

(price not inc VAT)

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Get in Touch With Secure Shredding - Scottish Borders

Unit 2, Hassington Garage Kelso United Kingdom TD5 7QU

01573470220 or 07836720081

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